So … I just got back from Emerald City Comicon. Well, OK, technically, I got back to Las Vegas on Sunday night, but I’m still playing catch-up from being up in Seattle all weekend. Every time I do a comic convention — which is usually at least four times a year — I go through the same cycle of emotional highs and lows. This comic oversimplifies it, because as much despair as I feel by the end of the show, I also feel incredibly inspired to do more cool stuff with comics.

It just so happened that at this weekend’s show, I was seated next to a quasi-popular mainstream comic artist, who had a short queue of people waiting all weekend for free sketches.* Some of them blocked half my table for hours at a time, leading me to definitely have a few “why am I even here?” moments. But outside of that, the show was a lot of fun (a little too much on Saturday night) and I got more of my dumb comics into the world. One of these days, maybe I’ll have enough of THESE dumb comics to actually put in a book. But at the rate I update this webcomic, that will probably take another five years.

However, while at my table in Artist Alley, I DID draw THIS comic, so there you go.